Classroom Theory

Gujarat, its Food History & Geography

Vegetation in Gujarat - district wise

Geographical Food Specialties

Introduction to Gujarati Cuisine

Basics of Ingredients, traditional tools & implements

Theory on Non Vegetarian cuisines of Gujarat

Royal Gujarati cuisine, Coastal Kharwa, Koli Patel, Ghanchi, Muslim communities and Parsi cuisines of Gujarat.

The Snack Culture

Nasto/Breakfast Specialities

Evening Snacks

Farsaan Culture

Theory & Practicals

Basic spices, blended masalas & sprinkling spices

Gujarati Faral, Fasting Foods & permissible combinations

Jain food - its limitations & explorations

Veganism and its future

Gujarati Temple Foods

Gujarati Festivals & its specials

Paryushan Meals

Gujarati Street food specials

Seasonal Specialties

Kitchen Practicals

Shaak, Bhaaji & Kathol

Varieties of Dal, Osaman & Kadhi

Condiments - Raita, Kachumber & Chutney

Athanu, Murabbo, Chundo

Gujarati Breads

Hot & Cold Beverages

Mitthoo & Mithais

Restaurant Group Activity & Meal Simulations

Gujarati Thaali

Field Trip

Swaminarayan Temple OR Sabarmati Ashram

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