First time in India

Designed By Chef Varun Inamdar for the benefit of budding chocolatiers in India embellished with a combination of theoretical of international standards along with a practical hands-on experience of 35 concepts condensed beautifully in 4 days!

Two-times National award winner - Varun Inamdar is regarded as one of the Top 10 chefs in India with 20 years of professional experience. He is the chosen chef for most Presidential and Prime Ministerial visits to India. He ranks Number 3 in the world alongside culinary giants like Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay on the global YouTube chart with his 733 + million reach. He is currently the Brand Ambassador appointed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi for Swastha Bharat Yatra and Eat Right India. As a chocolatier, he represents India internationally and is the Goodwill Ambassador of Indian Cocoa. He is also the Ambassador of Ecuadorian cocoa since 2014. He is accredited to make India’s first and only Chocolate mannequin and chocolate Ganesha LIVE on television. He has featured on Masterchef India as a Master chocolatier in Season 5. He also holds a Guinness World Record for ‘The World’s largest chocolate mud pie’ weighing 3000 pounds.

Day 1: Ganaches, Fillings, Nut butters and Crystallisation
  • A quick overview of chocolates, cocoa and cacao!
  • 15 minutes discussion on types and varieties of chocolates
  • Formulations of nut butters and nut pastes
  • Making of one style of nut butter - Caramelized cashew cream
  • Hand cut – Raspberry ‘Water’ Ganache - Ghana 40% (Fruit Juice based) - set in a frame for further use
  • Hand rolled - Gianduja Ganache (Cream based) - piped and rested
  • Dark Chocolate Ganache - Santo Domingo 70% (Milk and Glucose based) – piped on round discs
  • Orange milk chocolate Ganache – Single origin with concentrate method - moulded
  • Cystallization for further use – theory and practicals through setting ganaches overnight
Day 2: Application of Ganaches and making chocolates of various kinds
  • Couverture v/s Compound
  • Tempering and its types – theory and practicals
  • Understanding temperatures
  • A day of Chocolate Fillings!
  • Types of moulds, cleaning of the moulds and other care mechanics
  • Application of crystallized Ganaches from Day 1
  • Handcut ganaches - Raspberry Ganache - Fork design, Transfer sheet stamps - 2 varieties
  • Handrolled ganaches - Gianduja Ganache - Hazelnut studded - milk chocolate dipped - cocoa rolled and pipping technique – 2 varieties
  • Piped Ganache - Dark chocolate ganache - Disc + Drop + Dip + Gold leaf
  • Hand cutting technique, Hand dipping technique, Hand rolling technique, moulding - demoulding technique and finishing
  • Handling chocolates and storage
Day 3: Decorations, Garnishes, Toppers, Onclusions and Embellishments
  • 12 kinds of Chocolate onclusions
  • A complete hands-on day where everyone goes all out with chocolate to create decorations of different kinds
  • Use of several techniques - cuttings, sprays, shapes, coils, swirls, transfer sheets, transparency sheets and the likes to be used to elaborate the effects and applications
  • Some of these shall be used in the next class for application purpose
  • Post lunch we shall start the prelude to Class 4 for pre-preparations and mise-en-place, weighing-scaling et al as it is a work heavy day with techniques and 18 concepts artistically rolled in together.
Day 4 & 5: Chocolate Bakery and Confectionery

Theory and Practicals

  • Vanilla Madeleines with Lemon and Raspberry Glaḉage
  • Classic Lemon Curd Tarts - Tart shells from scratch, Almond crème frangipane, lemon curd
  • Dark Chocolate Mousse with burnt butter crumble and seasonal fruit coulis
  • Black Forest Verrine - Dark Decadent sponge, Chocolate Cremeux, cherry compote, chocolate shavings – Black Forest in a glass
  • Caramel Custard - an absolute must know in the confectionary world and the thin line between getting it right or wrong
  • Tiramisu (in a borosil bake dish) - A world favourite
  • Large Triple chocolate cookie
  • Application of a few decorations from Day 3

A complete class on the Top 18 must know concepts which in a way form the basics of the bakery world – madeleines, glaḉage, tart shells, crème frangipane, fruit curd, mousse, crumble, coulis, verrine, sponge, cremeux, compote, shaving, black forest, custard, caramel, tiramisu, cookie through a carefully planned menu)

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